Techno Feed

Techno Report is a milestone in occupational health and safety management.

This mobile and user-friendly application significantly simplifies reporting and tracking hazardous situations in the workplace.

App Details

Techno Feed

Customer Feedback is Now More Effective and Easy
Hear your customers’ voices more clearly in your projects! Techno Feed is an innovative web application designed for users to easily share their feedback about your services. Your customers can quickly access the feedback page by scanning QR codes placed by your company.

How does it work?

* QR Code Scanning: Your customers scan the QR codes located at the place where they receive service with their smartphones.
* Category Selection: They choose the service area they want to give feedback from the options determined by your company.
* Feedback and Adding Photos: Customers can write detailed feedback about their experience and add photos if they wish.

Superuser Features

* Viewing and Analysis: Specific users (superuser) can view this feedback on the website.
* Reporting: Detailed reports can be obtained by location and service area. These reports can be both downloaded in Excel format and viewed as statistical data within the application.

Your Advantages

* User Friendly: With a simple and intuitive interface, it has never been easier for your customers to provide feedback.
* Data Driven Decision Making: Shape your services according to customer needs thanks to the feedback collected.
* Fast Access and Analysis: Feedback can be analyzed instantly and you can optimize your business strategies according to this data.

Techno Feed enables you to hear your customers’ voices more closely and improve your services in line with their needs. Choose Techno Feed for more effective customer feedback!

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