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Observation and Near-Miss Reporting, Digital Work Permit System and Feedback Management Applications

Ege Techno, a brand of Ege Consulting, has developed mobile applications with mobile and PC interfaces to implement observation reporting, work permit system, and feedback management systems more effectively, making them simpler and easier to use.

Techno Report

Observation and Near Miss Reporting Software

With Techno Report software, the process of reporting and tracking hazardous conditions has now become extremely simple.

Techno Permit

Digital Work Permit System Software

Techno Permit is a mobile application to simplify the usage of work permit system to control safety critical activities.

Techno Feed

Feedback Management System Software

Now, it is very easier to collect and analyse feedbacks of your employees, visitors, guests, vendors and other parties that your company has contact with.

Meet our innovative business applications.

App Details

Techno Report

Our Observation Reporting Solutions:

Our Observation Reporting Solutions: Two Different Options
For organizations that prioritize workplace safety and aim to proactively manage hazards, we have two special observation reporting solutions: Techno Report(App) and Techno Report(Web). Both of our applications offer the opportunity to effectively report and manage workplace hazards using the conveniences of modern technology.

1-) Techno Report(App): Comprehensive and Interactive Occupational Health and Safety Reporting Software
Techno Report is a milestone in occupational health and safety management. This mobile and user-friendly app makes it highly convenient to report and track hazardous situations in the workplace.

Techno Permit

Techno Permit Digital Work Permit Software for Safe Work Environments

Techno Permit, which has a critical role in occupational health and safety management, is a comprehensive digital work permit software developed to ensure that high-risk activities are carried out safely. Accessible on mobile and PC platforms, this application digitizes work permit processes, replacing manual processes and making operations more efficient, traceable and secure.

Techno Feed

Customer Feedback is Now More Effective and Easy
Hear your customers’ voices more clearly in your projects! Techno Feed is an innovative web application designed for users to easily share their feedback about your services. Your customers can quickly access the feedback page by scanning QR codes placed by your company.

How does it work?

* QR Code Scanning: Your customers scan the QR codes located at the place where they receive service with their smartphones.
* Category Selection: They choose the service area they want to give feedback from the options determined by your company.
* Feedback and Adding Photos: Customers can write detailed feedback about their experience and add photos if they wish.

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