Techno Report

The Techno Report is a milestone in occupational health and safety management.

This mobile and user-friendly application greatly facilitates reporting and tracking hazardous situations in the workplace.

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Techno Report

Our Observation Reporting Solutions:

Our Observation Reporting Solutions: Two Different Options
For organizations that prioritize workplace safety and aim to proactively manage hazards, we have two special observation reporting solutions: Techno Report(App) and Techno Report(Web). Both of our applications offer the opportunity to effectively report and manage workplace hazards using the conveniences of modern technology.

1-) Techno Report(App):

Comprehensive and Interactive Occupational Health and Safety Reporting Software
Techno Report is a milestone in occupational health and safety management. This mobile and user-friendly app makes it highly convenient to report and track hazardous situations in the workplace.

How does it work?

* Easy Access and Notification: Through the mobile app, any employee can report a hazardous situation quickly and efficiently.
* Detailed and Content Rich Reporting: Reports with hazard codes, location information, detailed descriptions and photos can be generated.
* Action Management and Tracking: Reports are analyzed by Superuser, necessary actions are determined and followed up systematically.
* Efficient Analysis and Reporting Features: All reporting and analysis operations can be easily done through the user-friendly interface.

Techno Report aims to increase safety in workplaces by playing a critical role in building a safe working environment.

2-) Techno Report (Web):

Interactive and Accessible Occupational Health and Safety Observation Reporting Application
Web Techno Report is an innovative solution that brings occupational health and safety reporting to the digital environment. This application provides fast and effective reporting of hazards in the field.
How does it work?

* Convenience with QR Code Access: QR codes placed in the field provide quick access for employees.
* Automatic Location and Hazard Detection: The application detects defined locations, making it easier for users to report.
* Detailed Reporting Possibility: Photographed and categorized hazard reports allow for an efficient monitoring process.
* Analysis Tools: Superuser can view reports and perform analysis via web-based interface.

Web Techno Report makes occupational health and safety management more effective and accessible, making work environments safer.

Common Purpose and Benefits

Both of our applications contribute to ensuring a safe working environment by facilitating the processes of identifying, reporting and managing workplace hazards. Thanks to these innovative solutions, occupational health and safety management becomes more systematic, efficient and proactive. Our applications increase the safety of employees and enable employers to manage hazards more effectively. Techno Report(App) and Techno Report(Web) respond to the needs of both employees and employers by strengthening the safety culture of workplaces.

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